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Mahi Phone Stand

Mahi Phone Stand is suitable for all smartphone models.

At the same time, details where you can put a pen, business card or photo have been added to the product.

You can both organize your table and create a stylish look.

$2.43 $2.06


Tangram is based on furniture sets called 'Yanjitu' in China, which was made during the time of the Song Dynasty.

This furniture consists of six parts. Then a seventh piece of triangular shape is added and these seven pieces are brought together when needed to form a large square table.

During the Ming Dynasty, various versions of these furniture were produced, and then play sets of small pieces of wood started to produced.

Tangram is produced by using the remaining materials from furniture production.


Triangle Ahşap Laptop Standı

Triangle Ahşap Laptop Standı ile bilgisayarınızı dik şekilde konumlandırın.

Laptopunuzu kasa olarak kullanın.

2 adet üçgen ahşap parçadan oluşur.

Çalışma alanınızı ve ofisinizi düzenler.

Tasarım Tescil No:2020/04424