Origami fil formunda olan 4mm ahşap duvar aksesuarı odalarınızı renklendirmeniz için tasarlanmıştır.

Fil Duvar Panosunu çift taraflı bant yardımı ile kolayca duvara asabilirsiniz.

2 adet çivi yardımı ile de montajını yapabilirsiniz.

Bant veya çivi ürüne dahil değildir.

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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Weight (kg)0,3
Length (cm)39
Width (cm)49
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Weight (kg)0,3
Length (cm)39
Width (cm)49
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Fox Mosaic Puzzle

Fox Mosaic Puzzle is a do-it-yourself hobby product designed for both adults and children.

It is an introduction to mosaic art.

It allows children to think artistically by improving their motor skills.

By increasing their mathematical thinking skills, it increases the development of attention and enables them to use their imagination safely.

You can use the finished product as wall accessory, table accessory, tray, etc.

You can use it according to your imagination.

What's in the box: Mosaics suitable for product colors 2 pieces of wood stencil, Glue, Grouting, sponge and wood mixer.


Goodboy Wine Rack

Goodboy Wine Rack is a stylish product that will enrich your space with its lean design.

You can also create original concepts by using other Tufetto products and accessories.

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Tangram is based on furniture sets called 'Yanjitu' in China, which was made during the time of the Song Dynasty.

This furniture consists of six parts. Then a seventh piece of triangular shape is added and these seven pieces are brought together when needed to form a large square table.

During the Ming Dynasty, various versions of these furniture were produced, and then play sets of small pieces of wood started to produced.

Tangram is produced by using the remaining materials from furniture production.