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Chappie Small Blackboard

Chappie is a desktop writing board where you can take small notes, create your drawings and write your motto.

It consists of 6 parts in total and can be easily assembled.


Octopus Wooden Stool

Octopus takes its name from its feet which look like the octopus arms. The product is designed to be used as a stool or coffee table.

Octopus consists of 4 pairs of legs joined together in horizontal position and then assembled to the upper surface. In total it consists of 9 pieces (8 feet and 1 upper surface). It is sized so that one person can sit comfortably.

It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use with its unique design. The product is made of Birch Plywood and is very durable.


Tree Hugger, Hanging Camping Table

It is designed as a single piece to be used as a table, hanging on a tree, column, or pole.

It will be sent with the belt. You can use it in all the outdoors.

It consists of 4 parts in total and can be easily assembled.

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